• Gary Kiorgaard

Autumn Season - Week 6

The second round of 5 rubbers has started with week 6, and the time for revenge for the defeats suffered in the first round. Pelican Waters beat Maroochydore in Div 1 and Dulong beat Glenview in Division 2, but the rest remain status quo.

Gerrit Fialla had 3 wins, but Twin Waters struggled in their doubles.

Seng Joo Keng had a good win over Alan Bruhn, perhaps the wind from last Sunday is still playing on their minds.

Steve Rowson had a good win over Gorgon Falkingham to give Dulong the win.

The two substitutes in Div 2 battled and Steve Hall beat our coach Alec Milligan, with Alec happy to have match practice ahead of the Vets.




Heather Dunlevie (Secretary)

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