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Summer Competition Week 5

Alan Bruhn continues his seasons unbeaten run of 5 weeks.

Other Division 1 players winning all 3 matches include Paul Green, Gerrit Fialla, Jimmy Yang, and also Jerrod Thomson who finally made 3 wins after 4 weeks of very close matches.

Greg Kiorgaard is trying hard... to stay on his feet, with at least 3 tumbles, including one where he managed to take out the barrier and still managed to end up sitting on a chair outside the playing area.

In Division 2, Denis Orr , Colin Rule and Alex Malanciou all had three wins.

Note: The division 2 rankings are taking into account the bye that happens each week. After the last week, the percentages will be adjusted once every player has the bye.

There is still room for the last two fixture matches, to make a run for the finals, plus the playoff round, where each number 1 player plays all the other number 1 players, and the same for player 2 and 3. These matches will also count to the team score for the finals.


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