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Winter Competition Week 2

Luke Thomson and Paul Green both had 3 wins for Division 1, however other players struggled against wily opposition. Mike Rodgers standing in from Division 2 defeated Danny Yeung to give Buderim the edge for the night with Key Hay coming back to form beating Seng Yoo Keng over 5 games.

Peter Kennedy managed to defeat Martin Tribe, but was not enough as Gordon Holden snatched a win over William Almasi.

Hussein Amiri-Konrood and Gordon Falkingham are proving strong from their experience in Division 1 with 3 wins, along with Steve Rowson and Colin Rule, but yet again in form Desley Payne had 3 wins.

Bobby Amiri-Konrood is coming back with a good win over John Dale, not enough as Dulong took the win, including a strong game for Jenny Wyatt over Judy Chin.


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