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Spring Competition - Week 7

Its week 7, and 3 more to go before the finals.

There is still all to play for to get into the top 4.

Division 2 saw the ongoing battle between Dale Parkes and Gordon Holden.

Dale Parkes came along last Thursday at Maroochydore just to ensure he was in form, and it paid off with Dale keeping top spot in the rankings.

Speaking of rankings, things are changing, as a couple of Div 2 players whose names wont be mentioned... well maybe, just look a few lines up... they keep on at the poor old Secretary moaning and groaning about the percentages. So, the fed up Secretary has decided to recalculate the percentages and have two, with two rankings. You can therefore fight amongs yourselves for the debate as to who is top.

One ranking is based on matches played, so if you were away for a week, then these matches do not count. The other ranking is based on the total matches possible. Have fun.

Game-wise, Greg Williams had a good win over Jayde Treloar in the battle for Div 2 Maleny bragging rights. Jayde then took this and beat Alex Glasson.

A few players were away at the Australian Vets, more on this when information comes to light.

Division 1 ; Adam Wood had his first unbeaten week, taking all 3, plus the doubles. Teammate Gerrit also had 3 wins giving Jaguar an 8-3 trouncing over Porsche.

Cristian Huen also had 3 wins however was not enough for Ferrari.

THe other match is outstanding as players were away for the Vets.


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