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Spring Competition - Week 9

After a short lack of blogging (holiday) we are now back on track.

Last Tuesday was week 9 of 10, so next week is the last chance to make a difference and get into the finals.

Division 2 looks pretty safe, but the positions are going down to the wire.

Division 1 sees BMW in unrivalled top position, but 4th place is up for grabs, with Bugatti and Jaguar playing next week, so Jaguar will need a strong win to be in with a chance.

Last weeks highlights saw Jayde undefeated, and moving up the rankings, so looks like being a B1 next season. Hussein is back on form now after an injury and picked up 3 wins also.

Jim Kenworthy substituted for Luke, and had 3 wins... but then Luke probably would have .

Dale Fenwick has improving form, but still had a challenging game against substitute Colin.

We also had a catch up match, after a postponed match due to the Aus Vets, but this was played on Thursday, and we are all go for the final week.


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