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2015 Summer Season

The 2015 Summer Season has started, with Division 1 having 10 teams of 2 players, and Division 2 having 6 teams of 3 players. There were a few absent players, but with some fill-ins things progressed well.

In Division 1, the 2 man team format means that there are 2 rubbers each night, so the need to keep playing well for the team is showing already, with Adam Wood, Cristian Huen and Alan Bruhn all having 4 singles wins for the night.

The format is already showing that things will be close and that the doubles is the key.

The star match this week in Division 1 was Gordon Holden beating Jimmy Yang in 5 hard fought games.

In Division 2, only Jerome Hawtin and Desley Payne managed 3 wins, although some player 1 substitutes also managed 3 wins.

The star match this week in Division 2 was Desley Payne beating Alex Malanciuoi in 5.


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