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It is only the second week of a long season but already a number of players are starting to really assert themselves.

In Division 1 Seng Joo Keng has lost no form after a season’s break and is the only undefeated player. Ian Oakley is also having a great start to the season sitting a good way up the standings in 7th spot. This is an outstanding effort as he has been out of top competition for a few years with injury to his right shoulder. His policy of playing left handed while on the mend seems to have worked.

In Division 2 , Linda Yap and Gary Petterson are the only 2 undefeated players. This is particularly impressive for Gary as he is playing from the second line. Judy Chin has also had a good start to the season sitting in 6th spot. She is continuing the good form exhibited in the latter half of her premiership winning last season.

All teams are getting a fair share of winning matches at this stage.

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