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The Anomalies of Table Tennis

I have alluded to this before. How you just can’t predict what will happen in sport and, in particular, table tennis. Expect the unexpected.

If you ever needed proof that all teams are capable of taking the premiership, I recount some statistics re Division 1. After the first 4 match ups, Cougars (Martin Tribe and Charlie Murong) were in last spot (10th out of 10 teams) with no wins from 4. They have since gone on to win 5 of their last 6 and are now in 6th spot. In their last encounter they beat top of the ladder Lions (Jerrod Thomson and Steve Keating).

Nathan Thomas is getting more than his 15 minutes of fame hanging onto top ranking in Div 2. But Dale Parkes is now lurking only 2 games away.

I have seen some pretty spectacular rallies in Division 2 but, when I umpired a match between Alan Bruhn and Seng Joo Keng in Division 1 last week, I realised the consistency of great rallies that puts them at the top of Division 1. It was one great rally after another. Joo was spectacular in his agile movements and great shots but it was the cunning and experience that got Alan the win this time. I recommend all Div 2 players have a look at Div 1 when they get a chance.

Remember that there is no table tennis at Maroochydore the next 2 Thursdays (June 1 and 8) but Maleny is a great alternative on these nights, starting at the earlier time of 6pm.

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