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When you arrange a substitute for fixtures, you must ensure that the substitute has the same ranking as the player substituted or is ranked at a lower level. The ranking is indicated by the number in brackets after the players name. For example Andrew Smith (2) can be substituted by Bill White (2) or John Ryan (3) but not by Ralph Flashman (1). However any Div 2 player is eligible to substitute for a Div 1 player.

If you are not sure whether a player is eligible to transfer you should check with the Duty Officer.

Michael Wilson in Div 1

Gary Kiorgaard in Div 2

There have been a few instances lately where an ineligible player has substituted and, while the matches have been played, they count as a forfeit.

Also note that a few extra eligible substitutes have been added to the list and are on display on the noticeboard.

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