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Finding a replacement when you can’t play is not always easy. We do have rules re substitutes but it is not always black and white.

Basically players can only replace players with the same or higher level ranking as indicated in brackets (on the substitute list which is on the draw).

Often you may have contacted all suitable players on the list without any luck. You can ask a player not on the list but you should first check with the duty officer for each grade (Div 1 – Michael Wilson and Div 2 – Gary Kiorgaard) re their eligibility. They will make a decision themselves or, if it is a complex one, consult with members of the committee.

However, if you organise a sub not on the list and without the sanction of the duty officer, you risk forfeiting all matches that that player plays.

Because of the scarcity of subs, we are always on the look-out for more players to add to the list. This causes an extra problem as sometimes the exact level of a player is not sure. The new player is allocated a level but this level may change after the player has played a number of times.

So in conclusion, we try our best to be fair, but it is not always possible to be perfect. Hence, in the end like all sports, we must respect the referees decision.

Often, when no eligible player is available, teams will opt to use an ineligible player (knowing that that players matches will be forfeited) just so all players get some good competition.

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