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New president, Desley Payne, presenting winning team, Eucalypti on left (Danny Yeung + Jerrod Thomson) and runners up, Pandanuses (Dan Ettel + Mark Bagshawe)

Above - New club president presenting the Premiers, Eucalypti (Jerrod Thomson + Danny Yeung) on left and Runners-Up,Pandanuses (Dan Ettel + Mark Bagshawe) on right

The minor premiers in both Div 1 and Div 2 were both sent unceremoniously packing in finals table tennis at Maroochydore.

In Division 1, Pandanuses (Dan Ettel + Mark Bagshawe) only lost 3 times in 20 outings (2 of which occurred when Mark was absent due to injury) and 5 times won 5-0 during the normal season. They then played Palms (Michael Wilson + Ian Oakley) in the first semi final, steamrolling them in the first 3 matches to secure a spot in the grand final.

In the second semi, Eucalypti (Jerrod Thomson + Danny Yeung) were up against Oaks (Alan Bruhn + Joel Carpenter). Jerrod Thomson was on fire, not only winning both singles but also setting the pattern for his partner, Danny Yeung, to take the vital doubles in 5 long sets and secure the second spot in the grand final.

But that is where their journey was destined to end. In the 3 encounters between Eucalypti and Pandanuses during the normal season, Pandanuses had dominated 4-1, 3-2 and 4-1. And when it came to the critical doubles, Dan Ettel and Mark Bagshawe had developed an awesome combination, only losing once in the season and that was to the Oaks.

But statistics was the last thing on the minds of Jerrod and Danny. And you must use a bat not a book of statistics. In a carbon copy of their win in the semi, Jerrod won both his singles and they combined to win the doubles.

Congratulations to Jerrod and Danny for a surprise but deserved win and also congratulations to Dan and Mark for a dominating season and for still keeping smiles on their faces after stumbling at the last hurdle.

Division 2

Below - Premiers in Division 2, Smilodons (Greg Williams, Dale Parkes, Fiona McHugh + Rob Inman)

Winning Team in Division 2 - Greg Williams, Dale Parkes, Fiona McHugh and Rob Inman

Below - Runners up in Division 2, Aurochs, consisting of Gordon Holden (subbing for Jim Kyle), Ian Thomas, John Pratlett + Adam Fitzsimmons

In Division 2, minor premiers, the Dodos, were shown the door by Aurochs in the first semi. Dodos did have a bit of an excuse with half their team unable to play but it was a comprehensive 10-6 win to the Aurochs. Feature match was when Ian Thomas showed what he is capable of with a great win over Martyn Clarke. In the other semi, it was a much closer encounter with Smilodons 9/35 defeating Thylacines 8/30.

So the Grand Final showdown was between Smilodons (Dale Parkes, Greg Williams, Rob Inman and Fiona McHugh) and Aurochs (Adam Fitzsimmons, Gordon Holden replacing a bed ridden, Jim Kyle, John Pratlett, and Ian Thomas).

Aurochs got to a flying start winning the first 2 matches, but then Smilodons won an incredible 6 matches in a row. In the end, the result was 10 – 4 to the Smilodons with no need for the last 3 matches.

However the importance of doubles matches was once again demonstrated. Smilodons won all 3 doubles. If, on the other hand, Aurochs had won all 3, the scores would have been 7 all and it would have all rested on the last 3 unplayed matches.

Well done to the Smilidons. Also well done to our new club president, Desley Payne, who added a few extra touches at the presentation ceremonies to make the occasion a memorable one.

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