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In what is possibly our last table tennis outing for a while, Sharon Matherson not only won the “Top of the Table” warm up event but the Double Elimination Tournament as well, last Friday March 20. Unluckiest player on the night was Rick Perry who had set up permanent residency on the top table until Sharon came along and spoilt his party.

Rick was also runner up in the Double Elimination. He was beaten 31-22 by Sharon in the final of the “Winner’s bracket”. He then played the final of the “Loser’s bracket” beating Russell Treloar 31-25. This gave him another go at Sharon to become the overall Champion. But he had to beat Sharon twice as Sharon had yet to be beaten. That’s how double elimination works. Rick won the first match-up 31-25 to force it into a second match. But he ran out of steam and Sharon took the title.

With numbers down on our usual roll up, it was a good way to test the Double Elimination format which proved to be a lot of fun.

Due to the low numbers, both Sharon and Rick kindly donated their winnings back to the club. Thanks Sharon + Rick. Hopefully it will not be too long before we can have another fun tournament.

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