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RESULTS AND PICCIES from Moreton Bay Tournament (also some results from Bundaberg)

We had 9 players represent our Sunshine Coast Table Tennis Club on the weekend at the Moreton Bay event.

One of the most exciting highlights of the day was the over 60’s singles which went to 5 games and the final score in the 5th was 19-17 won by our PAUL GREEN. It was magic to watch.

The over 60’s doubles event was an ALL Sunshine Coast Grand Final. Paul Green & Martin Tribe took out the honours and our Alan Bruhn and Ken Hay were runners up.

Alan and Ken had a great day as they were also runner up in the over 70’s doubles. Great strength and determination by our young chaps.!!

Linda Yap & Desley Payne took out the runners up position in the Ladies Doubles.

Another GRAND FINAL was our TWO young Sunny Coast Boys in the over 75 Singles:- Ken Hay the winner and Ian Oakley the runner up.

Also our Pat Keating was runner up in over 40 doubles – partnered with a player from Moreton Bay.

It was also great to see our Sharon Matherson join in this event. It was Sharon’s very 1st time in joining in an event outside her home territory. And One must say Sharon played with great strength and determination and gave her opposition a run and scare for their money. Go Sharon!!

All results kindly supplied by our overworked president, Desley Payne. I only corrected her spelling mistakes. Photos below from Moreton Bay Tournament were also taken by Desley. That’s why she is not in them.

ALSO HOT OFF THE PRESS- results from BUNDABERG!! (Texted by Martin)

The results are:-

We had 3 players partake from SCTT - Jim Kenworthy, Martin Tribe and Paul Green. Congratulations to all.

Paul was runner up in 30s singles

Paul winner of the 60s singles

Martin and Paul won 60s doubles.

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