Sunshine Coast Table Tennis Club Inc


-        Club - $160 (comprising SCTT Club Fees $60.50 and TTQ, TTA Fees+ Insurance $99.50)
-        Club Concession - $150 (comprising SCTT Club Fees $60.50 and TTQ, TTA Fees+ Insurance $89.50)
-        Social - $85 (comprising SCTT Club Fees $46.50 and TTQ, TTA Fees+ Insurance $38.50)

Membership requirements as set by TTQ
Club or Club Concession: enables a player to compete in club fixtures and events, inter-club competitions, association opens, state, interstate and national championships.

Club Concession: applies to players who hold a concession card.

Note regarding Club Concession Membership:
This category is available for juniors, students, unemployed and pensioners according to the following definitions:
-        Junior - a person who is 18 or under at the time of becoming a member of TTQ
Student - a full time student at school, university or TAFE who is in possession of a student card
-        Pensioner - a person who is in possession of a government pension card

Social: for casual or regular social players who want to have a hit but do not compete in fixtures or competitions.

Additional Playing Fees: Maroochydore Competition Tuesday $10
Maroochydore Social Thursday/Saturday $10
Maleny Social Sunday $10


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