Sunshine Coast Table Tennis Club Inc

Our Mission

Sunshine Coast table tennis Club(SCTTC) is in its 50th year of existence without ever having a designated home, this we are in the process of trying to reconcile. SCTTC has been bumped around a myriad of venues, at present our home base is Maroochydore High School gymnasium.

Table tennis is a sport with a low barrier to entry that provides health and wellbeing.

Sunshine Coast table tennis club (SCTTC) has many affiliations, strong membership growth and a growing sinking fund. Table tennis has always been an Olympic sport and SCTTC wishes to represent the sophisticated aspirations of the Sunshine Coast in this space in the upcoming 2032 Olympics in Queensland.

Table tennis is in the top 8 participation sports in Australia, being more popular than cricket and netball and surfing with 979,000 Australians participating regularly or occasionally in Table Tennis. Table tennis is fervently played across Asia and Europe.

What may be surprising is that in the sport of table tennis, Australia is consistently achieving players ranked in the top 50 in the world (men’s, women’s), top 10 in the world (para) and top 10 in the world (junior).

SCTT Club has a high calibre of personnel with one of only two level 3 coaches in Queensland, multiple level 2 and level one coaches - both male and female coaches with our female level 2 coach being one of the youngest in Australia. SCTTC has representatives in the Qld state team in both Under 19's and Para sections to compete in the National titles in WA this year-2024.

SCTT Club is affiliated with University of Sunshine Coast, School of Business and creative Industries Work integrated Learning project to increase women's and equity groups participation in our sport. SCTTC is also engaged with First Nations people having a strong relationship with the Clontarf Foundation. Supporting disability groups with our Saturday Wheelchair programme. We have also provided equipment to Sunshine coast You Turn Headspace to assist in transforming the lives of vulnerable young people.

We welcome all new comers to our wonderful club for a tryout and hope you’ll stay and enjoy the incredible fun and solidarity table tennis brings to our local community and millions of other around the world.


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