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Sunshine Coast Open Championships

Published Mon 27 May 2024

Those who took part in the Sunshine Coast Table Tennis Open Championship should feel immensely proud of their accomplishments! A huge thank you goes out to the committee members, volunteers, and sponsors for organizing such a fantastic event - without their dedication and support, none of this would have been possible. Gratitude also goes to the parents for chauffeuring our budding young superstars and assisting in the kitchen with Heather Gillespie.

Congratulations to all the superstars who clinched trophies and medals! Every participant from the Sunshine Coast Table Tennis exhibited great sportsmanship by celebrating each other's successes. So, let's take a moment to acknowledge our own efforts and achievements because in this community, we are all champions.

Men's Open Singles:
- Patrick Wuertz emerged victorious after defeating Hayden Green, Queensland's top-ranked player, in a thrilling 7-set match, with the final set ending 11-9. What a match!!!

Women's Open Singles:
- Linda Yap faced tough competition and narrowly lost to Tiffany Lam in a highly competitive match.


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