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Paul, where were you born?

Caringbah, NSW.


Where did you grow up?

Sutherland Shire, NSW.


Which schools did you attend?

Jannali Primary and Jannali Boys High.


What jobs did you work at?

Clerical/Paymaster positions with NSW Railways in the 70’s/80’s at Darling Harbour and Transport House, Wynyard. Payroll Supervisor with Qantas from 1990 to 2002, then moved to Brisbane and did fruit and veg. for a few years.


What was you most interesting job?

In the late 70’s I did pistol practice in one of the pylons under the Sydney Harbour bridge for my job as paymaster.


Have you travelled and what is your favourite destination?

I have travelled extensively. Marseille, France I love because of the history, and Nashville, U.S.A.

because it’s the Country Music Capital. I could live in either city...


When did you start playing table tennis?

I started playing at home with Dad in the mid 60’s. my grandfather was a builder and he built us a table. In the late 60’s I would attend Sutherland Police Boys Club and get some coaching. Once a month on Friday nights a mini bus would take a group of us to Glebe Police Boys Club. About  100 kids would meet there for competition and I could watch the horses go ‘round at Harold Park Paceway from the window of the hall.


Did you play other sports as a junior?

Yes I played Soccer for Como West from U/10’s to U/17’s, Competition Tennis in the St. George/Sutherland Comp from 1968 to 1998, and horse riding in the 70’s.


What are your achievements in Table Tennis?

About a dozen State Titles and I played a handful of Australian Opens in the late 70’s to 2004. After a battle with bowel cancer and a dodgy left knee I mainly stick to Vets events now.


Name two of your sporting heroes and why do they stand out for you?

“Super Impose” because of his amazing racetrack feats ( 2 Epsoms and 2 Doncasters ). Graeme Langlands, the St. George fullback. He had a great sidestep and a good boot. Gone are the days when fullbacks would kick to each other. Some of my earliest memories are Dad taking me to 1963-1966 grand finals.


What are your favourite music genres,musicians/singers/groups?

Growing up and still enjoy T Rex, Country Music icons Alan Jackson , Vince Gill. Also Crystal Gayle, Boguss and Sara Evans.


What artists have you seen in concert?

The Seekers, T Rex, Cliff  Richard, ABBA, Neil Young, The Dugites, John Denver, John Cougar Mellancamp, Alan Jackson, Tina Arena, Willie Nelson, Devo, Gene Pitney, Roxy Music and Garth Brooks. They are the memorable concerts!


What are your favourite movies?

“Born to Boogie”- T Rex, “Billy Elliot” and “ A League of their Own”.


What are your favourite TV programmes?

Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Benny Hill Show, Who do think you are?, Black and White Minstrel Shows, Andy Williams Shows and Cilla Black shows ( as a kid the last three were family favourites )...


How often do you practice Table Tennis?

I don’t, except when Australian Vets is coming up.


What is your favourite tournament?

Australian Vets because some of the players I have known for over 40 years!


Do you have other hobbies?

I enjoy family history...


Do you have any siblings?

I have one brother, Colin, who lives in Scotland and plays a lot of sports, including table tennis.


Are you married with children?

Yes, my wife Natasha and one son, who is 2 years old.


How long have you lived on the Sunshine Coast?

About 5 years now. I love the beaches and the life style here.


What advice would you give to young/new players?

Work hard and move your feet!!!!


              Thank you Paul Green.


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