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Division 1 Won by the NSW Team of Xuyen Tran and Hien Tran. No SCTT teams.

Division 2 Out of the 6 teams the Sunshine Coast team of Paul Green and Jerrod came 2nd. They won against 4 teams and only lost to the winning SYDNEY TEAM 2-3. Our 2nd Sunshine Coast Team finished a very creditable 4th.

Paul Green

Jerrod Thomson

Adam Wood

Jim Kenworthy with a big hit

Division 3 The Sunshine Coast Team of Alan Bruhn and Seng Joo Keng finished 3rd of the 6 teams. They won 3 of the 5 teams they played. Interestingly the South Brisbane Team that won included ex- Sunshine Coast player, Colin Noh, who must be hitting well.

Alan Bruhn

Seng Joo Keng

Division 4 Once again there were 6 teams. Peng Yu played for the Moreton Bay Team and they got the gold. Ken Hay played with the Qld Team finishing 5th.

Peng at far end of table

Ken Hay

Division 5 Rabi Misra who played in the Sunshine Coast comp back a few years was in the Brisbane Team which finished 2nd.

Division 6 The Sunshine Coast Team of Ron Coyle and Eric Frangenheime fought hard but finished 6th.

Eric above. Sorry, I don't have a photo of Rabi or Ron Coyle

Division 7 8 teams for a change in this division with the Sunshine Coast Team of Jonathan Seo and Paul Kwazynski winning all their outings until they came up against Uni of Qld in the Final. Hence they finished a very creditable 2nd.

Jonathan Seo in action

Paul Kwazynski


There were 10 teams in total playing in 2 Groups. Desley Payne and Judy Chin represented the Sunshine Coast while Linda Yap joined Jan Yu and Linda Towler in the Moreton Bay Team. Linda Yap came home with the GOLD. Great effort Linda!!

Judy and Desley fought very hard but with teams from all over the world (including Gold Coast, NSW, Tasmania and even Taiwan) it was pretty tough. Well done Judy + Desley. One thing for sure is they fought to the end.

Linda Yap

Jan Yu

Judy Chin

Desley Payne

So of our 9 teams (some composite) we got 2 gold (if you include Peng and another if you include Colin Noh), 2 silver and 1 bronze.

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