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A Grade Grand Final Report – 30 March 2021

When 2 teams go through a whole season and they are equal on rubbers and matches won and only differ on the games won, you expect a nail-biting grand final. And that’s exactly what we got.

After 10 matches the match score was 5 all and it was up to the captains to decide. And when Adam Wood (Enchiladas) comfortably won the first 2 games over Seng Joo Keng (Nachos), it looked like being a bit of an anti climax.

But…….. Seng was not going to give up. He worked out that Adam was not comfortable with a certain slow short serve and he used it over and over with devastating effect.

Congratulations to everyone in the final.

There was great table tennis and good spirits the whole way through. Linda Yap proved to be the secret weapon on the night, winning 2 of 3 singles.

PS We hope to play the B and C grade finals on Thursday night. They could not be played on Tuesday because of COVID guidelines.

Photos below in Chronological order:-


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