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Action from the A Singles Final at last weekend's SCTT Closed Tournament.

Patrick Wuertz Is playing Eddie Andersen. I have done 20 screenshots from one rally showing each shot in the correct order. I have also circled the ball in red as it is not always easy to find.

The score is Eddie 3 and Patrick 4 in the 3rd game and Eddie is serving.

A strong underspin from Eddie

Patrick returns it with a chop

Eddie gets to the ball quickly with a block

The block is higher than Eddie would have liked and Patrick attacks it with a backhand topspin drive.

Eddie moves back from the table and gets ready for a topspin return

The ball lands in good position in the corner of the table. Patrick gets ready for a backhand topspin return.

Eddie moves further away from the table and only his shadow can be seen

Patrick is heading back to centre position at the table

Eddie's return from way back is a ripper

Patrick gets down very low to put heaps of topspin on the ball. The ball clips the top of the net.

And deflects up

Unfortunately for Patrick it misses the edge of the table.

Patrick shows his emotion

Patrick won the final 11-5, 11-8, 11-5. It was an entertaining match with plenty of attacking from both players. You can now watch the same rally in normal time. Click on it, then click on the middle icon in the bottom right corner to go into full screen.


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