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One thing you realise when you do the results is that, though the players who have a long time record of doing well usually make their way to the top of the rankings, predicting a result in any one match is not as easy as looking at past results and rankings. But styles of play, mental attitude and many other factors can influence the result on a night.

For example in Div 1, Eddie Andersen has come to the club this season with a high class reputation and has already demonstrated this with wins over Joo and Dan Ettel . However who would have predicted a 5 set lose to Dale Parkes who is back in Div 1 after a long pause and is sitting on the bottom of the rankings. I did not see the match but I expect Eddie has never come up against an unusual style like Dale’s. Well done Dale. PS If you think Dale’s style is unorthodox now, it is nothing compared to when he was younger.

Incidentally the form players at this early stage are:-

Div 1 - Jerrod Thomson with Mark Bagshawe on his heals. Worrying for other teams is that they are both in the same team, “Wombats”.

Div 2 – It is the young and the young at heart with David Serifovic one game ahead of Judy Chin.

Div 3 – It is a dead heat at the moment with both Desley Payne and Ron Coyle unbeaten. Once again the big worry is that they are in the same team, “Cats”.


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