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Div 1

ADDAMS (Adam Wood, Mark Bagshawe and Ken Hay) were cruising for a premiership having won every fixture night by the same margin (6-5). Then, on the last night of fixtures, they came up against the FLINSTONES (Patrick Wuertz, Gerrit Fialla and Greg Briggs). FLINSTONES had been breathing down their necks the whole season and, not only did they win on the night (7/22 to 4/13), they also overtook ADDAMS on the table.

Hence the very next week they are playing each other but this time in the Grand Final. Ironically the score was almost the same with Addams gaining one more game. Not enough to change the result. Gerrit Fialla was arguably the secret weapon on the night with a big 3-2 win over Mark Bagshawe. Gerrit on the week before had a surprise easy win over Adam Wood. The big common denominator for the 2 wins by Flinstones was that both nights they won both doubles.

FLINSTONES (Patrick Wuertz, Gerrit Fialla and Greg Briggs) 7/22 defeated ADDAMS (Adam Wood, Mark Bagshawe and Ken Hay) 4/14

Div 2

In Division 2 EVIL QUEEN (Judy Chin, Craig Cowan + Gordon Falkingham) were the stand out team all season. They went through the entire season undefeated with Judy Chin leading the way despite playing with an injured shoulder. GASTON (David Harkins, Colin Rule reserving for Denis Orr, and Alex Glasson) had snuck into the final on the last night of fixtures with a big 10 – 1 win. Ursula (Martyn Clarke, Judy Zhang and Gary Duncker), who were clinging to 2nd spot, had a disastrous 4-7 loss on the final fixtures night to surrender their 2nd spot.

It looked like being a very close encounter in the GRAND FINAL with David Harkins a very experiences ex- A grader and Alex Glasson coming into form in the 2nd half of the season . But it wasn’t to be and EVIL QUEEN dominated to win 6-1. In GASTON’s defence, they did win 11 games with all matches very close.

EVIL QUEEN (Judy Chin, Craig Cowan + Gordon Falkingham) 6/18 defeated GASTON (David Harkins, Colin Rule reserving for Denis Orr, and Alex Glasson) 1/11

Div 3

My suggestion for next season is “If you find yourself in Heather Dunlevie’s team next season, ask to be changed”. You got to feel for Heather who has now been in the Runner’s Up team for the last 3 seasons. She was also the runner-up in the Ladies’ Veteran category at the recent Sunshine Coast Closed Tournament (which is actually a proud accomplishment).

BACON ( Mitchell King, Steve Wilcox and Rodney Dart) went through the season undefeated until the last week when they were thrashed 9-2. But this was due to being “missing in action” rather than a poor performance. PANCAKES (Eric Frngenheim, Heather Dunlevie and Lorraine Granger-Brown) just outlasted WAFFLES (David Gillard, Isaac Barwick and Bree Johnson), who were finishing fast with 2 big wins, to grab the 2nd spot.

And while the scoreline suggests a walkover, all matches were closely fought with BACON team members just sizzling at the end . Steve Wilcox was probably the standout player on the night winning all his matches – 3 singles and one doubles.

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