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B Grade Grand Final Report - 3.4.21

Grand Finals are always a different kettle of fish to fixture nights. This was proven once again when the previously unbeaten, Tempura (John Ettel, Sharon Matherson, Greg Briggs) were beaten by Edamame (Stephen Parke, Gordon Holden, Ashik Ashik). The difference proved to be the doubles with Edamame winning both.

Going into the last round of singles, it was 4 apiece. But when Ashik Ashik surprised the top ranked B grader, Greg Briggs, in 4 and Gordon Holden showed his incredible focus to easily overcome the normally testing Sharon Matherson, it was all over. And John Ettel’s win in a 5 setter over Stephen Parke could not change the result.

Well done to all the finalists. Though a very serious battle, graciousness was shown at all times.

Now it is only the C Grade Grand Final left to play. I am not sure when but I would not doubt it could be a 3rd nerve-wracking 6-5 affair.

Photos from the final below:-

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