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C Grade Grand Final - a "Tale of Two Halves"

The C Grade Grand Final, which was postponed due to COVID regulations, finally went ahead last Tuesday, April 13. And it wasn’t “The Tale of Two Cities” (Charles Dickens) but rather “The Tale of Two Halves.”

Cannoli (Nick Knight, Di Philip and Steve Wilcox) won the first 5 matches and needed to win just one more. But then Carbonara ( Heather Dunlevie, James Zhang and Phillip Oates) started to mount a comeback with Phil beating Di Philp, James Zhang getting on top of Nick Knight, and then James and Phil overcoming Nick and Di in the first of the doubles. The score now 5-3 to Cannoli.

But it was Steve Wilcox who steadied the ship for Cannoli when he triumphed over Phil Oates. Indeed Steve was certainly the inform player for the night winning all 3 singles and his one doubles.

The Rubber was won and lost in the first round of 3 singles. Carbonara could easily have reversed the results in 2 of the matches. James Zhang, who was the top ranked C grader with only 2 losses all season, was expected to beat Steve. But not so. And the battle of the fairer sex with a scorecard of 15-13, 12-10, 11-5 could easily have gone the other way. It was Di Philp just nudging out Heather Dunlevie. For Heather it was the second season in a row ending up the bridesmaid. She just took it in her stride.

Once again the big winner on the night was table tennis. One could easily have assumed it was the B grade final. Such were the great rallies and the real improvement in standards of the club. It is hard to imagine a nicer gathering of 6 people. Well done both teams but there has to be a winner. The final score was Cannoli 7/22 defeated Carbonara 4/14.

Photos from the night below:-

Nick Knight and Heather Dunlevie showing their style

The WINNERS - Steve Wilcox, Di Philp and Nick Knight

SECOND PLACE (but you would not knw it from the photo) - James Zhang, Heather Dunlevie and Phil Oates

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