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Winter 2022 Grand Finals Report

Div 1

On paper, the 3-1 win by Shakespeare (Dan Ettel + Akash Mehta) over Wordsworth (Eddie Anderson + Jayde Treloar) looks an easy one. BUT, the last 2 matches went to 5 and, if Wordsworth had won either, it would have gone to a showdown between Eddie and Dan. They are the 2 top ranked players presently in A Grade and it would have been a very exciting match. We have 2 ways of ranking players these days and Dan was on top for one and Eddie the other.

Div 2

At least one Treloar had a win on the night when Puccini (Brendan Clarnette, Russell Treloar + Judy Zhang) beat Bach (Martyn Clarke, Jon Pratlett + Gordon Holden) 7-4.

Brendan Clarnette had a great season and was probably the standout player in this division and his team was the standout team. So when Brendan was beaten by Martyn Clarke in the 2nd match of the night, an upset was a possibility. But Russell Treloar steadied the ship for Puccini winning all 3 singles and his doubles on the night.

Note that it should be pointed out that Mike Rogers shared a position in the Bach team and graciously allowed Martyn to play in the finals series.

Div 3

In the Div 3 match-up between Matisse (Rodney Dart, Eric Frangenheim + Heather Gillespie) and Da Vinci (Mitchell Bland, Isaac Barwick + Jon Terry), Matisse got out of the blocks fast and, after 8 matches, potentially only to win one of the last 4 matches to clinch the premiership. But alas, they lost the last 4 and handed the win on a platter to Da Vinci.

The pivotal match and definitely the most exciting was the first of these 4 when Isaac Barwick had to win against Heather Gillespie. Heather won the first 2 games and just needed one more game. She lost the next but had 2 Championship points in the 4th game. Isaac showed a great cool temperament to hang on and then win the 5th game.

Well done to Heather and Isaac who have both shown big improvements in their play over the last 2 seasons.

Da Vinci won 7-5 with young Jon Terry winning all his 3 singles and 1 of his 2 doubles to be the stand-out player on the night.

Action photos from the night following:-

Div 1 photos

Div 2 Photos

Div 3 Photos



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