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Guess who the Qld Table Tennis Volunteer of the Year is

I am sure that everyone in our Sunshine Coast Club would agree with Queensland Table Tennis’s choice of our Desley Payne as the Queensland Table Tennis Volunteer of the Year.

It is just amazing what Desley has accomplished in her 3 years of being our president. I will attempt to list some of these but there is no way of remembering them all.

* Under her leadership and energy that we have probably got closer to achieving a many decade long quest to have our own facility (at Brightwater). We are not there yet, but there are positive signs. It has been a massive exercise.

* Instigation of a much needed Junior Program in our club.

* Behind the scenes organisation of our gear. While others are out in the stadium playing, Desley can often be found cleaning up and organising our gear in the storeroom. It is amazing how quickly it regresses again.

* Of late Desley has had to put in an incredible amount of extra effort to ensure that we could we had a COVID Safe Plan and could continue to play in the middle of a Pandemic.

* Keeping the Web Site going when Committee members have holidays

* Pushing and encouraging members to become involved in the runnings of the club so that our membership has got to record numbers

* First there and last to leave our facility – night after night

* Adding the niceties to our many occasions which have often been neglected in the past

* There are a myriad of other time consuming activities that we all take for granted and which are always more involved then you might expect.

Naturally Desley has had help from many others but it is her energy and persistence that has inspired these people and allowed us to achieve so much. The amazing thing is that her own table tennis does not seem to be disadvantaged by all this work.

The only negative is that her husband, Ray, finds it hard to recognize her these days.



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