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Dan Ettel who is currently on top of A Grade rankings (narrow lead over Jerod Thomson) celebrated his 21st birthday last Friday the 18th of February). He was honoured at fixtures last Tuesday night by Club President, Desley Payne, and enthusiastically acknowledged by all the players.

Dan has been with our club since he was 14 years (a guess!) and showed a great deal of potential with a strong attacking game and a load of skills right from the start. For several seasons in the past, he would top B grade, be put into A grade where he would struggle, go back to B grade, and this happened over and over.

He is now automatically put in A Grade and always finishes in the top 3.

Dan is already giving back to the game with a strong involvement in the Club Junior Program and Spinneroos Program.

Below are a few photos of Dan:-

Dan in the early years and I would not tell a lie.

Dan at a Spinneroos Promo at the Plaza a few years ago.

Dan in an Exhibition Match with Jayde Treloar on last year's World TT Day. Can you see the ball?

Dan's first girlfriend!!!

And they are still together. I definitely don't tell lies!!!!

A shot of Dan in the future. Still playing table tennis. We all hope you have had a good one, Dan.


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