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L to R - Alan Bruhn, Martin Tribe, Ken Hay, Paul Green, Linda Yap

It is getting pretty hard to keep up with our representative crew as they go from competition to competition. And it is even harder to keep track of all their successes.

Seems they only just got back from the Bundaberg Championships where Paul Green introduced young Akash Mehta to championship play. And who better to guide you.

And now we have had 5 players get back from the State Championships in Townsville in October. All 5 experiencing success. With a grand total of 8 Gold, 5 Silver & 6 Bronze, we must be close to being the top performing club in the state. Paul Green led the way with 4 gold and 1 bronze but the others were close behind.

Details of their haul below:-

Teams: O60 Mens Gold Paul & Martin

O65/70 Mens Bronze Alan & Ken

Singles: O40 Women Bronze Linda

O50 Women Silver Linda

O60 Mens Bronze Martin

O70 Mens Silver Alan

O75 Mens Silver Ken

Doubles: O40 Women Bronze Linda

O50 Mens Gold Paul

O50 Mixed Bronze Paul

O60 Mens Gold Paul & Martin

O60 Mixed Gold Paul

O65 Mens Gold Alan & Martin

O70 Mens Silver Alan & Ken

All 5 Sunshine Coast Players were selected in age group Qld Teams. These are only Honorary this year.

Paul Green and Akash Mehta

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