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Our first group of Spinneroos were back in October 2020 at the start of COVID. Here is our latest wave - Palash, Nevein, Aaryaa, Summin and Alyna. Unfortunately Jayden, Liam and Sran were not there on the last night for the photo. Once again Joel Carpenter and Jayde Treloar did a great job at the helm.

The youngsters also got a lot of support from their parents. The program began with the encouragement and support of Patrick Wuertz. With all sorts of restrictions in place, one of the only ways to advertise the program was a promotion at the Plaza.

The various Spinneroos Programs we have had since this promotion has led to a strong and increasing Junior Squad. With Patrick Wuertz the chief coach and Paul Kwaczynski and others giving able assistance. We now have our first couple of State reps in David Serifovic and Diwansha Kumaranathunga and a number of others threatening.

So well done to the latest Spinneroos and hopefully many manny happy years of table tennis to come.


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