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Last week being AUSTRALIA DAY a number of players were away. Teams who arranged substitutes from the SUBSTITUTES LIST can have these matches counted.

However while a player from another team which is already playing that night can take the place of an absent player, this is only to try to ensure all players get a reasonable quota of matches and the matches must be counted as forfeited. The other consideration is that it can only happen if it does not slow down the overall flow of the night.

Other considerations:-

* If a team has a bye on a night, players in that team are available as a legitimate substitute.

* If a player with a higher ranking substitutes, the match can go ahead providing his or her opponent is happy. It will be counted as a forfeit.

* We realise that getting subs can be very difficult as we do not have a large pool of substute players. At this stage we don't have a solution for this.


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