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Junior Program is really booming

Thanks to the hard work of our chief coach, Patrick Wuertz, and his chief offsider, Paul Kwaczynski, our Junior Program is really flourishing. I counted 21 participants last Thursday night and that is with a number absent. Patrick and Paul have been assisted at times by a number of other coaches – Jayde Treloar, Joel Carpenter, Zac Difabrizio, Akash Mehta, Paul Green and even yours truly, Gary Kiorgaard.

The program has been administered by Teresa Johnston whose input has been crucial in its success. Numbers are increasing all the time and a number of the older participants are now playing fixtures and entering tournaments with increasing success.

This term’s program finishes with a break-up on Thursday, December 8, featuring a father and son or daughter fun doubles event.

No doubt the Junior Program will continue to boom next year.

Photos below are from Thursday November 10:-

Teresa on left

Zac working with one of our high achieving juniors

Patrick Wuertz - our very inspiring top coach

It is great that we are getting some keen girls in the program.

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