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The new Winter Season started last Tuesday (July 13) and is scheduled to finish with the FINALS on September 14. The two B graders who have been promoted to A grade did well with Ashik Ashik winning 2 of his 3 singles as well as his doubles. Ashish Ruparel also won one of his singles. And Greg Briggs, who was promoted last season to A grade, and was a member of the premiership winning team, started the season with a great win over the accomplished Gerrit Fialla.

Just a note about the rankings for C grade.

I have NOT put in the overall rankings as they would not mean too much with players having differing numbers of matches depending on their position in the team.

On the table, I have put a “A” after the number 1 player in each teams’ name as they all play the top 3 players in the opposition.

Similarly 2nd and 3rd player in each team have a “B” after their name as they play all 4 members of the opposition.

The 4th player in each team has a “C” after their name as they all play the no 2nd , 3rd and 4th player in the opposition.

Hence, if you are really keen to see how players are going, you can compare the position of the “A” players on the table.

And similarly the”B” players and also the “C” players.

But comparing “A”, “B” and “C” players is more complicated.

If anyone can suggest a better method please see me.


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