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SUMMER SEASON 2022 Div 1 PREMIERS, WOMBATS (Mark Bagshawe + Jerrod Thomson)

Div 1

Wombats (Jerrod Thomson + Mark Bagshawe) continued their season domination without blinking an eyelid. They breezed past Cats (Seg Joo Keng + Dale Parkes) in the semi and then had an even easier joy ride in the GRAND FINAL against Echidnas (Adam Wood + Joel Carpenter) taking the first 3 matches making it an early night. Echidnas had earlier accounted for Dogs (Dan Ettel + Linda Yap) in the other semi.

Indeed it was Dogs who were the only team to actually beat Wombats in the season. They did this on Feb 15. Apart from this blemish, Wombats were unbeaten and, of the 14 rounds, won 5-0 four times and 4-0 four times. Congrats to Jerrod Thomson + Mark Bagshawe.

It was a short but interesting season with the closest battle for the rankings since I can remember. Jerrod was on top at the start. Dan Ettel took over. And Joo and newcomer, Eddie Anderson, were finishing very fast in the main straight. But it was Dan by a nose to Jerrod, Eddie and Joo.

It was also a season full of upsets. Dale beating Eddie + Ashish taking Dan Ettel to 5 were just 2 of the many surprises.

SUMMER SEASON 2022 Div 2 PREMIERS, WOMBATS (Sharon Matherson + Jamie Zaphir)

Div 2

Kangaroos (Jamie Zafir + Sharon Matherson) were the surprise winners in Div 2. Though finishing in 4th spot, they upset the minor premiers, Dogs (David Perriman + Brendan Clarnette) in the semi. And then repeated with an upset over 2nd placed Echidnas(Judy Chin + Jon Pratlett) in the Grand Final.

However a close look at the results table would show that it was not an upset. Kangaroos were the in-form team in the last weeks of the comp. A close look at Sharon’s form over the season shows a gradual increase in form over the season. Her singles win progression is:- 0,0,1,1,1,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,1,2. While Jamie missed the 1st 3 rounds and was unbeaten in the last 3 rounds.

The other semi- finalists, Pandas (Russell Treloar + Alex Glasson), certainly had the potential to win, but it was not their night.

Congrats to Jamie and Sharon as the PREMIERS.

Also congrats to up-and-coming youngster, David Serifovic, who ended up on top of the rankings despite his team finishing last and despite missing 6 rounds in the middle of the season. He had gone down to somewhere in NSW and could not get back due to the floods.

Irreconcilable losers in the final, Echidnas (Judy Chin + Jon Pratlett). I gave them both a lolly after this photo and they were smiling again

Div 3

In Div 3 they only had the semis this week. The GRAND FINAL will be on next Tuesday (March 22).

Semi Final 1

Cats (Desley Payne, Ron Coyle + Christine Rule) 7/27 def Kangaroos (Jim Kyle, Jon Terry + Tony Evans) 5/18

Semi Final 2

Pandas (Judy Zang, Cameron Dart + Manfred Franklin) 7/23 def Echidnas ( Greg Williams, Glen Gianotti + Sue Sullivan) 5/20

Scott Terry headed the rankings for most of the season, only to be pipped by Cameron Dart in the last few rounds. Judy Zang was also on top at one stage.

The grand final should be very interesting with plenty of talent on both teams. I think it will be down to the wire.


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