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We are very proud of all the juniors!

Diwansha played very well and won bronze in the under 11 boy’s teams. He also won bronze in the under 11 boy’s doubles. Overall he won 60% of his matches in the teams. He got through the first round of his under 11 boys singles and then played well but went down to the next player who was seeded number 1. (1 singles win)

David did very well and got through to round three of the under 17 boy’s singles but then lost to a player who was 4th seed. (2 singles wins)

Malakai also did very well for his first juniors. He got 5th in the under 13 boys teams. He won 25% of his matches and then won 2 out 4 matches in the under 13 boy’s teams finals.

Hanel and Ethan I’m so proud of. Great sportsmanship and tried their very best as tough as the completion was. Although they did not win any matches, Hanel won 4 games and went to a 5 setter in 1 match and Ethan won 2 games. I think very good for their first championship.

Report by Jayde Treloar

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