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Sunshine Coast Players on the Move

Queensland University Open

Five Sunshine Coast Players were involved in the Queensland University Open on March 6 and 7. Big winner of the weekend was young David Serovic who won the 800 Division. Well done David. David is a member of our Junior Squad with Patrick Wuertz and is improving in leaps and bounds.

Another young local, Akash Mehta, was runner-up in the 1000 Division. Akash is also showing great improvement under the guidance of our top player, Paul Green.

The relentless Judy Chin was a semi finalist in the 1000 Division.

Other players to proudly represent the club were Patrick Keating, Ken Hay and Eric Frangenhelm.

L to R - Akash, David, Judy, Patrick, Eric and Ken


East Coast Vets

Twelve Sunshine Coast players are involved this weekend at the East Coast Vets on the Sunshine Coast. It is a team event with each team having 2 players. Sunshine Coast Teams are:-

  • Paul Green and a North Qld player

  • Jim Kenworthy and Ken Hay

  • Seng Joo Keng and Ken Hay

  • Alan Bruhn and Martin Tribe

  • Jonathan Yeo and partner

  • Linda Yap and Desley Payne

  • Judy Zhang and Judy Chin

It is arguably the strongest team we have sent away. It will be interesting to see how Seng Joo Keng, Adam Wood and Judy Zhang perform. These 3 players are performing very well in our local competition but are not regular Tournament attendees like the rest of our talented team. It is also great to see so many ladies representing our club.

Standing - Martin, Joo, Alan, Paul Green, Ken, Jim

Kneeling - Judy Z, Desley, Linda, Judy C

Missed the photo - Adam and Jonathan (see below)

Adam Jonathan



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