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We invite everyone to World Table Tennis Day on Tuesday April 6 at Jubilee Stadium (MSHS). EVERYBODY welcome. The program from 4pm to 6pm focuses on school age players (5-17 years) and is FREE. At 6pm we will have a free BBQ. And at 7pm we will have a bit of fun competition aimed at ALL levels. Probably start with a Top of the Table to warm players up. Then go onto a Handicap Tournament where players are given handicaps depending on their experience. For example, our best players like Dan Ettel, Paul Green and Jerrod Thomson might be on MINUS 5, while a beginning social player or junior might be on PLUS 27. Going to 31. All players are guarenteed at least 2 matches as there will be a "Plate Competition" for those who go out in first round.

Please see FLYERS on HOME PAGE and (while not Compulsory) we would like intending participants to register their intention via Scanning Bar Code on Flyer. Hence we know how many to cater for.

Prospective Handicap Tournament participants are also asked to text or ring:-

JOEL 0422 482 270

or GARY 0432 215 084

so we can work out an appropriate HANDICAP.

Note that there will be prizes which will depend on the number of entries. One of the prizes is a INDIVIDUAL SESSION with our top coach,

Other prizes to be announced.


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