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WORLD TT DAY REPORT - April 6 2021

The World Table Tennis Day Celebrations at Jubilee Hall Maroochydore were a great success. Thirteen youngsters joined the Junior activities from 4pm till 6pm. It was run by Joel Carpenter with assistance from Paul Kwarzynski, Craig Cowan, Jayde Treloar and Dan Ettel. The concluding highlight was a short exhibition match between two of the club’s most outstanding players, Jayde Treloar and Dan Ettel. This match was also enjoyed by a small crowd of adults.

Next on the agenda was a free BBQ. Cooks were our club president, Desley Payne, Club Secretary, Craig Cowan and also Christine Rule.

And then the day’s activities concluded with a few fun comps. The Top Of the Table Warm Up Event was won by Ian Kemp with David Serifovic the player to reign at the top table for the longest. There were 36 contestants for the Handicap Tournament with Dan Ettel (minus 3), Adam Wood (minus 2) and Mark Bagshawe (ZERO) being the backmarkers and several players on PLUS 27 out front. The contest was to 31. One semis was played between Adam (-2) and Ian Kemp (11) with Adam winning 31-30. And the other semi between Gordon Holden (11) and Paul Kwarzynski (17) with Paul winning 31-28.

“Nasty” Adam won the grand final 31-27. Adam had previously won a handicap tournament and his handicap was changed from zero to minus 2. Part of Adam’s prize is his handicap going further into negative territory. We will eventually “put him in place”. Well done Adam.

There was also a Plate Competition for anyone knocked out in the 1st round. Alex Glasson defeated Peter Craig in the final. Among the awards for winners were personal lessons with our master coach, Patrick Wuertz. Thanks Patrick for giving the club these at a very good price.

Also thanks to Jim Kenworthy, Colin Rule and Eric Frangenheim for your great help with the running of the comp. Without your help, it would have finished at 1.30am instead of 9.30pm as it did.

Photos from the junior program, the exhibition match and the winners of the Handicap Tournament below:-

Dan Ettel and Jayde Treloar in Exhibition Match.

Video of start of EXHIBITION MATCH

Video of conclusion of EXHIBITION MATCH

L to R - Adam Wood (winner of World TT Day Handicap Tournament), Peter Craig (Runner Up of Plate Comp), Alex Glasson (Winner of Plate Comp), Paul Kwarzynski (Runner Up of Handicap T)

Handicap Tournament Draw


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