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Summer Competition Week 4

Division 1 saw 6 players finish the night with all 3 singles wins, Paul Green, Alan Bruhn, Luke Thomson, Seng Yoo Keng, Gerrit Fialla and Jimmy Yang.

Dale Parkes had two 5 game wins over both Ian Oakley and Hussein Amiri-Konrood, but ran out of energy against Greg Kiorgaard.

In Division 2, Steve Rowson, Judy Chin, and Mike Rodgers all had 3 wins, but starring for Judy's Jets was Jayde Treloar who also was unbeaten for the first time with 3 wins.

Jason Firth standing in as a substitute had a marathon against Judy Chin with each game played to the two point difference. The third game however pushed the scoreboard to the limit having to turn over the numbers and finishing with Jason winning the game 32-30, but Judy won the fourth to take the match.


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