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To my knowledge, the Marlins team is the first all women team in the Sunshine Coast Club competition. The team consists of Judy Chin, Linda Yap and Jenny Wyatt and they had a great win last night over the Sharks. It all got down to the final match with Judy playing Jerome Hawtin. Judy got up in 3. But it was a real team effort as it was the girls triumphs in both doubles that clinched the win.

Individual star of the night was young Matt Old who showed great style and potential in winning all 3 matches against a very experienced opposition in Steve Rowson, John Dale and Ian Oakley to clench the tie for the Mackerels and propel them to the lead in Division 2.

However I must express my admiration for Ian Oakley. He is a regular and very accomplished Division 1 player who has injured his right shoulder. Many would throw in the towel but Ian (not for the first time) continues playing but with his left hand. This I believe is what sport is all about. Even with his left hand he has probably the best drop shot in the club.

A quick reminder that fixtures are suspended for 2 weeks over the school holidays but practice continues at Meridan on Tuesdays and Maroochydore SHS on Thursdays.


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