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Winter Competition Week 4

Week 4, and things things are settling down. Gred Kiorgaard is coming back to form with a solid win over Jerrod Thomson in Division 1.

Luke Thomson continues his form with 3 wins, including a thrilling decider against Seng Joo Keng, with Luke beating Joo 11-9 in the 5th game to give Twin Waters a 6-5 victory.

Division 2 has Gordon Falkingham at the top of the league with 3 wins, as did Mike Rodgers, Colin Rule, Hussein Amiri-Konrood, and Desley Payne who snuck in with 11-8 in the 5th against Denis Orr. Bobby Amiri-Konrood is starting to get his form back with 2 wins, and Paul Framm is also improving winning more games each week.


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