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Spring Competition - Week 1

The competition has commenced and teams begin to settle down, finding their way through the doubles pairings. This season the editor is going to go out on a limb and try and make the blog a bit less formal, still with the key results, but play up and you will be mentioned.

In Division 1, Dale Fenwick has come back with 2 wins, making everying thing he is out of form,them playing well.

Murray McKinnon and Seng Joo Keng both had 3 wins.

If you heard a lot of grunting and groaning, and this time it was not Gerit, then you would have seen Peter Kennedy smashing his way to a 23-21 loss against Jerrod Thomson.

Paul Green has a challenger now for the number 1 spot, with Murray coming along, which perhaps is why Paul is a reserve.

Cristian Huen is back, had 2 wins, but struggled against his nemesis in Adam Wood, perhaps he gets put off by Adams serving footwork.

Heather Dunlevie had her first win last night, which was great to see.

Its a bit tricky to commentate on Div 2 wins and rankings until things settle down, as the percentages don't work well with the mix of number of matches played.

Alex Glasson had 3 wins, but next week when the number 3s start playing the number 1s, things may prove more tricky. Alex, should really have been a number 2, but the draw just pipped him back one place.

John Ettel (meanly) beat his son and had a strong win against Denis Orr, but failed against Judy Chin, who won all her matches.

Newcomer Tushar had a win against Jayde in a very close match, and also against John Dale but could not cope with Gordon Holdens spin.

Hussein is also getting scared in Division 2 with the stronger competition, or maybe its an injury... we shall see.

Play well.


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