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Spring Week 6

Jimmy Yang had a good night, with 3 wins including 15-13 in the 5th against Adam, and 3-0 against Ian Oakley.

Steve DeKock standing in again is making a name for himself, 3 wins, beating Michael Wilson in a close match. Also for the Twilights, Seng Joo Keng is 2nd top of the leaderboard with another 3 wins.

Steve Rowson remains undefeated at the top of Division 2.

Dale Parkes is close by in 2nd place, with 3 wins.

Dan Ettel is improving and had another 3 wins, the third for the season so far.

Gary Kiorgaard had a close game losing 12-10 in the 5th against John Ettell, then squeezed in a win against Desley Payne 11-9 also in the 5th.

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