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The all-female team, Marlins, showed that the up till this week unbeaten team in Division 2, the Mackerals, can be beaten. A few teams had decided that Mackerals had already won the premiership but the girls had no intention of taking this attitude on Tuesday night.

Linda Yapp led the way winning all 3 singles encounters including a nail biting 3-2 win in the last match against Jim Kyle to grab the 6-5 win. Judy Chin backed up well with 2 strong wins while Jenny Wyatt is in the form of her life, recording a come from behind 3-2 win over Gary Kiorgaard.

The fight for the 2 top spots in Division 2 is wide open with the Mackerals, the Marlins and the Bream looking to be the likely contenders. The Blue Whales and even the Dogongs are also mathematically possible contenders.

In Division 1, Laborghinis (Luke Thomson and Steve Keating) and McLarens (Adam Wood and Jim Yang) have been swapping the lead all season but Bugattis (Ken Hay and Charlie Murong), and to a lesser extent, Ferraris (Alan Bruhn and Danny Yeung) and Jaguars (Jerrod Thomson and Peter Kennedy) could get there if there were some huge upsets in the final 3 rounds.

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