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Fixture update, Green v Pons showdown, and info re substitues

As a reflection of how wide open Division 1 is this season, all 10 teams in Division 1 had a win and a loss in fixtures last week. Luke Thompson has finally inched his way to take Adam Wood’s top spot. Luke missed the first week of fixtures and it has taken till the 8th week to finally get on top.

Ian Oakley had a good but long night. Four of his six matches went to 5 and the other 2 went to 4. A total of 28 games for the night. Not bad for an old timer. It included 2 good wins over Peng Yu and Charlie Murong.

Surprise of the night was Jan Yu’s win over in form, Adam Wood. But Adam got some consolation with an easy win (easy based on scoreline but not on rallies) over Seng Joo Keng.

In Division 2 the unbeaten, Bad Seeds (Dale Parkes, David Harkins and Ian Cerny), and Midnight Oil (Nathan Thomas, John Dale and Joel Carpenter) have left a big gap to all other teams. It is good to see that Crazy Horse has got off the cellar with a convincing win.

However it is a long season and we are only half way there.

It is good to see long time top player, Paul Green, and very accomplished newcomer to the Coast, Vincent Pons, turning up the last few weeks. I was told (totally unofficially) that they played some games with Vincent 5 and Paul 4 on one night. I think everyone in the club is hoping to see them both in fixtures next season as they will add so much strength to the club and give our younger top guns such as Luke Thompson, Adam Wood, Jayde Treloar and Seng Joo Keng something to really aspire to and learn from.

Finally, we have been a bit short on substitutes of late, especially in Division 2. We have managed to update the list with 4 new names and it will be published shortly. Remember that players can only replace players with the same or higher number ranking as indicated in brackets after their name on the substitute list. Teams must get the permission of the Duty Officer (Michael Wilson for Div 1 and Gary Kiorgaard for Div 2) if a potential substitute is not on the list.

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