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Some new photos on the home page. Have a look.

In the gallery on the home page, I have added a couple of photos of Circular (also called Modular) Table Tennis being demonstrated at the World Masters Games in Sydney in 2009. To me it was a lot like a table tennis version of volleyball and was a lot of fun.

I have told few people about it and I thought you might be interested in some photos.

The inventor is Guenter Arndt, who was originally from Germany, but has now lived for many years in Wollongong in NSW. Until recently he was a Professor of Engineering at the University of Wollongong, but although he’s now retired he still supervises research projects as an honorary Professor.

The diameter of the table is 3.14m – the same length as the diagonal of a standard table tennis table. This is important because it means the playing distance is much the same as with a standard table tennis table. Players will not need to modify their standard stroke to play on this table. However, to gain maximum enjoyment from the table, the inventor, Guenter Arndt has also devised a “Triples” game which sets out rules to ensure play is evenly divided among the team.

The net is of standard height in the middle, but gets higher towards both ends. This is designed to encourage diagonal play across the table. No tricky little shots across the net to the person next to you!

At the centre of the table there is a slight conical disc, which stops the ball getting caught in the middle of the table beyond the reach of the players! (With a standard table this isn’t a problem because you can go around the side of the table to reach the ball, but with a round table, there’s no short “side”!)

Try the link for more info.

I have also added a photo of the best exponent of the smash in our club. And I know you all know who that is.

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