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In the current season (Spring), 5 of the 7 teams have 2 byes during the season while 2 teams (Cherries and Apples) have just the one. This could not be avoided with the confines of weeks available.

It has been decided that it is important to be fair but action will only be taken if needed.

Hence, if towards the end of the season, 2 teams are well out in front and the bye situation would not effect the determination of the top 2 teams, then the final would be played between these 2 teams on December 12.

If, however, the places at the top are close towards the end of the season, then the top 4 teams would be decided using a slight adjustment for byes and Semi-Finals will be played on December 5 (1v4 and 2v3). The winning semi-finalists will then play the Final on December 12.

Note that the adjustment made will be done by calculating the percentage of Rubbers, Matches, and Games won of the total played for each team.

This would be calculated after results are posted on November 28 and advertised on the Web Site.

As the season progresses we will have a much better idea of which of the two scenarios above is most likely.

We will endeavour to keep you informed about this as the season progresses.

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