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Following fixtures last night, the format of play for the final series has been decided.

Tuesday Dec 5

Semi Final 1 (1st v 4th)

Bananas (Denis Orr, Brendan Cole, John Bongertman) v Oranges (Jim Kyle, Greg Williams, Daniel Highland)

Semi Final 2 (3rd v 4th)

Cherries (Gordon Holden, Ian Thomas, Jenny Wyatt) v Apples (Gordon Falkingham, Desley Payne, Brian Cavanagh)

Tuesday Dec 12

Grand Final

Winner of Semi 1 v Winner of Semi 2

For your info the final places of teams (taking into account number of byes) was:-

1st Bananas (88.9%, 7.2)

2nd Cherries (60%, 6.3)

3rd Apples (60%, 5.5)

4th Oranges (55.5%, 6.0)

5th Peaches (40%, 5.5)

6th Plums (22.2%, 4.5)

7th Cumquats (22.2%, 3.4)

The first number in brackets after the team is the "Wins per Weeks played as a %"

(Rubbers won/Weeks played x 100)

The second number in brackets after the team is the "Average number of matches won per week"

(Total matches won/Weeks played)

Best of luck to all the players in the finals. Players who have not made the finals are welcome to attend on December 5 and 12. If players are interested we can organise competition.

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