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I have decided to introduce a player of the week for both divisions. It is basically the player who has excelled in some way - possibly had a win or two above expectations, or showing good recent form. It could even just be 2 players in an outstanding game. Just something special that takes your attention. It is pretty flexible. If you see something special that I would not be aware of, feel free to nominate someone. It does not even have to be on the court.

Since we have already had 4 weeks of the season, this week I am nominating 2 people who are having great seasons.

Division 1

Player of the week (season so far) is Dan Ettel. A few seasons ago he was rewarded for topping the standings in Division 2, by being put in Division 1. His first season in Division 1 was a bit of a struggle and wins were few and far between. It was tough going but he hung in there. With each season he was inching his way up the ladder. This season he has zoomed up the ladder and is currently in 8th spot. Some of the accomplished players he has toppled this season are Martin Tribe, Alan Bruhn, Ian Oakley and Jimmy Yang. He also went down last night 8-11 in the 5th against the new whizkid on the block, Lucas Endler. Dan is certainly showing the potential that we always knew was there.

Division 2

Player of the week (season so far) is Ian Thomas. If you play Ian on a practice night, chances are he will walk all over you with some unbelievable dazzling shots. Up until this season that great form has not always translated on fixture nights. But this season is different and he is having some great wins. This week he did not let past A grader, Hussein Amiri-Konrood even get a look in. In previous weeks he has demonstrated those dazzling quick reflex shots with wins over Brendan Cole and Denis Orr.

A special mention to Linda Yapp for making new players feel welcome and Desley Payne for her great efforts in keeping the gear in order.

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