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Last week's player of the week, Dan Ettel, was heading for the gong again with great wins over Gerrit Fialla, Steve Keating and Martin Tribe but fellow young gun, Jayde Treloar, put an end to this with a great 5 set win over Dan. Dan also won both doubles on the night. So he does get a very worthy mention but not the gong.

I have chosen to give the player of the week to Ian Oakley. Without having the statistics to prove it, I would say that Ian is the most dedicated player on the coast never missing a season. He has played for decades and always at a top level. But what makes Ian a very worthy player of the week and probably of the century is other things. Ian has a keen interest in helping all players and is often seen watching other players, no matter the standard or experience, and offering experienced advice to these players. He is happy to give anyone a game and never shirks in the setting up and putting away department. Ian is a great asset in the club.


In Division 2 I am giving the player of the week award to Liam Reeve. Liam hails from Belgium, not Ireland like most people think, but we wont hold that against him.

Liam gets the award for his good sportsmanship and level headedness on the court. There are many similarities to Roger Federer.

Liam missed most of last season with a broken leg (or was it a toe) and started the new year a bit rusty. But he is starting to show good form. His 3 big singles wins and 1 doubles last week, were largely responsible for giving his team, the Dalmations, a win over the previously unbeaten Beagles.

PS As I stated last week, if you have a nomination for "player of the week" please let us know. The alternative is to put up with my subjective opinion each week.

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