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Match of the week was between Dale Parkes and Russell Treloar. The unique, crafty and sometimes spectacular style of Dale was pitted against the more orthodox and precise style of Russell.

The match was held at the end of the night when most players were packing up ready to go home. But gradually they became aware of an exciting and high skilled contest taking place. Dale was leading 2 games to one and had a good lead in the 4th game. But Russell was certainly not going to give up. He fought his way back to force a decider at 2all.

By this stage, the stadium was full, the crowd was yelling and what a final game it was. It went point for point. Dale had a number of match points but Russell hung in. There was a match changing point when Dale was leading 11-10. Russell hit a return which was clearly going out. Somehow it managed to catch the top of the upright supporting the net causing the ball to deflect back into court and to Dale’s dismay out of touch on the other side of the table.

Possibly unnerving Dale, Russell was able to take the next 2 points to snatch a thrilling and unorthodox win.

Even better, the win allowed him to overtake Mike Rogers in the rankings and, even better, put his team on top.

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